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The stories of the people behind the science

Scientists come from all different backgrounds, experiences, cultures, and communities. In fact, teams thrive with diverse perspectives. Below are profiles of some of the scientists that collected the data for or worked on the TrEnCh-Ed visualizations. Too many undergraduate researchers to list here were essential in collecting the data and conducting the science.

Bryan Briones Ortiz worked to build several TrEnCh-Ed visualizations.

Lauren Buckley leads the TrEnCh project and worked on the data collection, modelling, or analysis for the Energy Budgets, Robomussels, Butterfly Museum Specimens, and Grasshopper Resurvey visualizations.

Heidi MacLean led the science for the Butterfly Museum Specimens visualization.

César Nufio led the science for the Grasshopper Resurvey visualization. We profile him here.

Meera Lee Sethi wrote the TrEnCh-Ed text.